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F&I Software for the Marine, Motorcycle & RV Dealerships


...You had all the tools to effortlessly complete a deal from start to finish without the need to manually Calculate Payments, Credit Life or Disability Insurances while eliminating the monotony of keying and re-keying Bank Contracts, State Forms, Insurance Certs, Warranties, etc... The F&I Administrator is able to provide you with this and much, much more.....

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  • What-You-See-Is-
    What-You-Get Forms
    • View the actual forms right on your screen with the data filled in just as it will appear printed
    • Ability to override any form data simply by typing directly into forms
    • Ready-to-go common forms

  • Handles All Your Calculations
    • Credit Life/A&H
    • Net Truncated, Gross, Gross Truncated
    • Balloon Notes

  • Payment Calculator when you need to calculate a quick payment.

  • Search Your Inventory then drag & drop into your deal. With one mouse click, your deal is nearly complete. Just add your APR & Term and you're ready to go.
    [Inventory Screen]

  • Quick query tool for easy adhoc reporting

  • Multi-User Versions Available

  • Custom Tailoring to fit your specific requirements.


[Main Screen]

Prepares forms automatically...
Enter the data one time and produce Bank Contracts, State Paperwork, Warranties, Insurance Certs, and even Purchase Agreements.....

[Form 1]
[Form 2]
[Form 3]


[Screen 1]

Automatically Re-Calculates the deal as you type.
[Screen 2]

Simply Enter Buyer/Co Buyer Info.
[Screen 3]

Enter Trade's here.
[Screen 4]

Enter your unit info here or simply drag & drop from your current stock.
[Screen 5]

Enter any Insurance Info.
[Screen 6]

Provides a quick recap sheet of the current deal.

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